Ashford’s Growth – The Big 8

Ashford Borough Council are making significant changes to the growth of Ashford. For the last few years, many major construction projects have been going ahead, contributing to levelling up the town and creating a better economy.

Project Overview

'The Big 8' consists of Ashford's most ambitious projects over the last few years.

•  Commercial Quarter
•  J10a of the M20
•  Chilmington Green
•  Designer Outlet expansion
•  Elwick Place
•  International College Campus
•  Jasmin Vardimon

All of these works have been large-scale construction projects that the council have given the go-ahead on to help unlock major opportunities, while delivering new jobs, housing, retail and cultural facilities

Collectively, these big 8 projects are working together to make Ashford a much more pleasurable space, to attract tourism and travel, as well as providing more for the existing community in Ashford and in the surrounding areas.

Having already completed all of these eight projects, the council are now working on even more major projects to continue with the momentum to grow Ashford even further. This collection of projects is being called 'The Super Six'. Check out our other project information to find out more.

You can read more about each individual project here.