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Kent Constructing Excellence is the regional brand of Constructing Excellence; the single organisation charged with driving the change agenda in construction. We exist to improve industry performance in order to produce a better built environment.

About Our Branch

Constructing Excellence is a UK-wide and international brand with an excellent track record since the 1990s. The success of the national organisation meant that the popularity grew within Kent, thus starting a branch here. 

Our commitment is to the nation’s construction industry and how we can build sustained improvement, performance and practises throughout Kent. These improvements include building stronger connections between sectors and Governing bodies, promoting net-zero buildings and processes and highlighting relevant upcoming topics for the industry.

Trusted with decades of knowledge and expertise, Constructing Excellence has a huge geographical coverage and is building on the demographic range to encourage a younger generation of construction workers to populate our industry. To see more information on Constructing Excellence, please visit the national website.

We aim to reach as many construction businesses across Kent as possible to encourage better practice of regulatory processes and to bridge the gaps between sectors and members. We are a cross-sector, cross-supply chain, member-led organisation operating for the good of the construction industry and its stakeholders.

We have a broad mix of leading clients, consultants, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, architects and so many more. Constructing Excellence is a great place to learn and be a part of, whatever your role may have in the industry. If you want to be a part of exclusive events and promote your business, head over to our Members page to get involved.

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