Dover Western Docks Revival

The busiest port in Europe underwent a major refurbishment. To allow one of the biggest handlers of freight to manage more cargo and trade to move in and out, works were done to improve the facilities and to increase its potential as.

Project Overview

The DWDR project promised to have many benefits to the organisation and the public. This consisted of:

Relocation and further development of the cargo business with a new cargo terminal and distribution centre; Creation of greater space for ferry traffic; A transformed waterfront to ultimately attract hospitality and tourism including shops, bars and restaurants showcasing Dover’s unique backdrop of the harbour, cliffs and castle; Much needed quality employment opportunities for local people.

The works comprises of all heavy duty and highways paving and footpaths, structures and small buildings, fencing and vehicle barriers. The main part of the works consisted of a 9640sqm Refrigerated Cargo Building located on the existing Hoverport within the Western Dock. Situated in an exposed maritime environment and operating 24 hours a day, handling 600,000 tonnes of cargo per annum, the building is of a robust design and construction with a 25-year design life. The building is an externally clad steel frame with nine sections, six refrigerated storage chambers, two refrigerated discharge chambers and an out load area with twenty dock levellers. The chambers are mechanically ventilated to provide two air changes per hour, and can be temperature controlled within +1 and +14° C. On the roof, photovoltaic panels were installed to generate 1000kW through solar power which follows in the interest of sustainable construction.

The construction of the Marina Office was located between the existing Wellington Dock and the new marina, replacing the existing control building which will allow for operation 24/7. Its purpose is to monitor vessel movement & activity within the new marina and the existing Wellington Dock.

Additionally, services also included lighting, CCTV, all foul and surface water drainage, electrical and data distributions, access control systems, water and fire mains.

“The UK is a great trading nation and the Port of Dover’s new facility will provide even more opportunity for British businesses to sell their goods overseas. Up to 17 per cent of the UK’s trade passes through the Port, as UK companies explore new markets in Europe. It’s great to see partners like this working with the Government – through the Exporting is GREAT campaign – to support our businesses and boost exports.”

Lord Price, Trade and Investment Minister

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